After The Tempest / by Pitr Strait

It has been an insane seven days. Last Thursday, Alice Mottola and I premiered our production of William Shakespeare's The Tempest, performed by an all-female cast, most of them entirely naked. Last Friday, we closed. Those two short performances were attended by over 400 people. This alone would have been exciting enough. Our performers deserved every single one of those audience members, and I was proud to have worked with such an incredible group of women.

Then the press started rolling in.

NBC. Salon. The Guardian. Even somehow... ESPN? It was only for about thirty seconds, but that's 30 seconds longer than I ever thought my work would be featured on ESPN. These pieces and all the others that came with it have sparked a huge amount of conversation and controversy online. Thousands of comments, tens of thousands of shares. It's been overwhelming, to say the least.

Very strange thoughts have come as a result. For example, how do you react to people across the world who criticize a show they never saw? Or, is "exhibitionist" really a put-down when theater is literally... an exhibition?

Ultimately, it feels good to have pissed off the right people. I look forward to pissing them off even more in the years to come.