Best of the Internet / by Pitr Strait

It's been almost three weeks since The Tempest, but it feels like the madness hasn't stopped for a moment on our end. Some exciting developments are brewing that we hope to announce soon, but in the meantime, we've mostly just been laughing at the internet.

Last Friday, the cast, Alice and I took to the back room of Jimmy's No. 43 (a long-standing patron of the arts and a wonderful place to be) to perform a short reading. Shakespeare? No. Facebook.

Six of our amazing actors (plus one appearing via the wonder of Bluetooth speakers and cell phones) read a selection of some of the most wonderful internet comments we received following our brief run. Scandalized, furious, bemused, psychotic, leering, baffled --  we got 'em all.

It was surprisingly cathartic, hearing these words read aloud, taking the ephemera of the internet and giving it voice. As funny as it was (and it was hilarious), it also reminded me that these are real opinions being put out into the world. Although the typing and clicking may be done casually, these words have an impact. Some of what we read was truly heartbreaking, revealing the hatred people have for others' bodies as well as for their own, not to mention the staggering misapprehensions that people have about modern gender politics.

On the other hand, some of it sounded like this.

God bless the internet.